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Survival & Emergency Preparedness Gear Guide

ORANGE highlights the “Best of the Best” in equipment and gear for the SAR, US&R, Emergency Response and Preparedness communities.

The Orange Gear Guide is the ultimate resource for Consumer Preparedness. We focus on news, events, products, technologies and other information related to Survival, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Preppers, Search And Rescue, Urban Search & Rescue, and Disaster Response – any government will only be able to protect and provide for so many members in its state or community- we provide tips and tricks to gather everyday resources and prepare for emergency or survival situations when government or community assistance runs out. This includes a wide variety of topics including: Hunting for Food to Survive, Woodcraft, Survival Shelters, Field Medicine for Health, Sickness and Trauma Care, Purifying Water and Preparing Food, Growing Food, Prepping for Spouses, Kids and Pets, and many others.

The Orange Gear Guide highlights training, products and equipment related to Survival Kits, Rescue Equipment, GPS, Sonar/ Radar, Breathing App, Clothing and Boots, Climbing Gear, Medicine, Knives, Tools, Flashlights, Shelters, Communications, Power, Vehicles and other common gear our readers might need to survive, or just live more comfortably in austere environments.

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