Branding and Marketing
Branding & Identity

Given our team’s unique background, we have the capability to help bring authenticity to a brand by helping to craft that brand’s identity through our everyday interaction with that brand’s customers and end users.


While we provide basic product and services marketing through our existing media platforms, we can also assist with developing a complete marketing plan, incorporating communications and outside media buy and trade show recommendations. Next we will work with you to prepare and execute tactical and overall strategic planning – how to execute the marketing plan, complete with timing and roll out strategy, and establishing performance milestones – to ensure not only current, but also long term success.

One Message Across All Platforms

As a team, we learned to work together to achieve certain goals where, as individuals we could not succeed on our own, and we have carried this mantra over to our service to our clients. This is our core belief- the message is clearest and strongest when we can articulate that message effectively across all media. This means that we always look for opportunities to reach potential customers and highlight a product or service through every potential channel and touchpoint, including print, online and live interaction and communication. This could not be more important today in a world of ever shrinking budgets and expanding responsibilities.

Kinetic Energy Media produces print and visual media highlighting the military, defense, government and public safety arenas and the critical content relevant to decision makers.