Firearms & Gear 

Staffed, written and edited by US Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, Firearms Instructors and other Outdoor Enthusiasts, GUNMETAL - The Firearms and Gear Guide highlights proven firearms and gear as well as new items all designed to KEEP YOU IN THE FIGHT!

The Firearms & Gear Guide is the premiere publication created by servicemen for servicemen, with the mission of bringing together the latest innovations in products and services for military personnel, law enforcement, first responders, disaster preparedness personnel and remote operators. The Kinetic team represents these same operators, and we now credibly share that "on the ground" expertise and perspective with our audience.

The Guide is a comprehensive source for consumer product reviews for the shooting, hunting, outdoors, military and public safety professionals. We identify and review the best rifles, shotguns, pistols, hunting accessories, clothing, boots, knives, medical, communications, survival, and outdoor gear on the market.

We created the first gear guide for warfighters back in 2012 with the sole purpose of helping prepare our servicemen and women for overseas combat – and to save lives. Our team provides that critical Situational Awareness and source info for purchasers and decision makers that ultimately gets the right equipment into the hands of our military, law enforcement and first responders.

At the same time, great products and technologies exist beyond the military and public safety arenas, and we strive to identify the innovation in design and materials found in new products for the shooting, hunting, fishing and outdoor industries as well. From tactical to practical, the Firearms & Gear Guide aims to become the industry leader in identifying and highlighting the best gear introduced to the public every year. Why not help save lives – and enjoy life while we’re doing it?

Kinetic Energy Media produces print and visual media highlighting the military, defense, government and public safety arenas and the critical content relevant to decision makers.