Military / Tactical 
Special Operations, ISR and Robotics Gear Guide

The BLACK Gear Guide highlights the best in class special operations gear, ISR platforms and robotics systems and equipment. We also focus on news, events, products, technologies and other information related to Special Operations, ISR and nationwide.

The Black Gear Guide also highlights the “Best of the Best” in equipment and technology for special operations and ISR, including Tactical and Surveillance Vehicles, Tactical / Medical / Trauma Gear, Radios and Communications, Firearms and Accessories, Night Vision, Optics, Training Services and Providers, UAS systems, UUVs, ROVs, and Robotics platforms and technologies.

Beyond products and technologies, BLACK also explores the dangers and threats our military and government face around the world through specific highlight pieces in order to help our readers better understand the complexities or combat and terrorism as it affects the world today.

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