Industry Leader

Kinetic Energy Media is a recognized leader in industry trade publications and other media due to our expertise in the public safety, emergency preparedness, defense and outdoor industries. Our excellence in content is the result of decades of critical relationships established with decision-makers across these fields, responsible for planning, acquisition and mission execution. We provide critical understanding of these markets and current goals and needs for both readers and marketing teams, who then gain a clearer perspective as to industry trends, the latest technologies available in a given sector, and any current challenges that these leaders face in terms of their search for innovation from manufacturers.

Highlighting Your Product, Service or Brand 

With the launch of our first Gear Guide, KEM magazines have quickly grown to be some of the most popular trade publications available. We began focusing on gear and technology because as end users ourselves, we found that we were delivering a quality product to under-served markets, and ultimately building the bridge between product and technology marketing teams and the actual operators out in the field. We currently produce informative, concise write-ups on products, and we provide that unique understanding to better help the end user decide what their specific needs might be, and what products are available to them to meet those needs.

Relevant Editorial Content

We go beyond gear and technology highlights by providing insightful articles relevant to the end user, from providing purchasing recommendations regarding a specific category of product, to the current state of industry. Each of our brands focuses on all facets of its vertical market as related to the specific sector it highlights- we provide a variety of rich content that ultimately provides a comprehensive understanding of the sector and industry needs- of the end user and the decision-maker.

Building Our Kinetic Community
– and Your Audience

KEM has again set the standards in building the most comprehensive subscriber list in our industries. We are Movers and Shakers – no other media team spends more time in the field building relationships with readers and decision makers. We are the end user professionals, and we instill confidence in every future reader we meet- and we have the fastest growing circulation in the industry because of it. We are also very careful in terms of the security of our subscribers – for their own protection – and we do not send out unwanted material to them. These are all key points in building and maintaining our personal relationships with our readers, which is the foundation of our Kinetic Community.

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Kinetic Energy Media produces print and visual media highlighting the military, defense, government and public safety arenas and the critical content relevant to decision makers.